Don_headDirector:  Don Gilbert

What does Don do? Initially, Don is busy doing an asset map of Orange Mound. Community Development includes Church, Para-Church and Non-Religious Civic Organizations, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Education (Children, Youth, Adult), Health Services, Economic Development & Job Training, Neighborhood Community Development and Housing, Community Leadership and Participation, Youth and Senior Citizens, Community Development Practitioners, and Family Life Health. Don has been meeting representatives from these different arenas in and outside of Orange Mound. He is also intentionally building relationships with local pastors. Don participates in local events and attends as many meetings as possible. Don volunteers as often as possible to serve the existing partners.

Linda_head Director’s Better Half:  Linda Gilbert:  

Linda passionately supports the KCB ministry while at the same time being a full-time teacher.  She has embraced the residents of Orange Mound as her own family and alongside Don, she is building relationships and sharing God’s love.